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[CN] [H] ThinkPad "X61HK" 51nb X210 in a X60 Case [W] Paypal

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[CN] [H] ThinkPad "X61HK" 51nb X210 in a X60 Case [W] Paypal

For sale is a limited edition handmade "X61HK" mod.

What is the "X61HK"?

TLDR: Some 51nb forum members cut the chassis of X61 and X201, then put them together to fit a X200/ X201/ X210 board into a retro 4:3 form chassis.

The X61H is a mod by forum member jxz1111111 ( ... id=1857675), based on the experiences on the X60H mod by robou ( ... id=1674617). The mod includes cutting the back case & the top case, re-mounting screw holes on the two cases, switching a modded screen cable from the X200, and modding the battery.

Interested old ThinkPad fans can refer to those instructions: ... id=1881530 ... id=1879555


Display: NOS SXGA screen

Battery: 3-cell modded, refer to AIDA64

Keyboard: Chicony, in good condition

Case: Condition please refer to the photo, screen bezel is NOS

CPU: 8th gen i5 8250U

Cooling: 17m19 mod 3-heatpipe fan

Memory: 16G DDR4 2133 Dual Channel

SSD: Liteon T10 240 NVMe

Speaker: Dual Speaker from X201


Please note that this mod is for diehard X60 fans only. A lot of tapes and glues are used to build this mod. I personally will not suggest buyers to teardown this machine unless some parts are broken. You need to have some mod skills to mod the battery and keyboard if they fail. Sleep works good as I've modded the keyboard bezel to fit the magnet.

Price: 2000USD or Best Offer

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WTF man?

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I own a W701ds and you don't7 months ago

What in God's green Earth is this. Good listing though. GLWS.

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Original Poster7 months ago


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Wow, this is a really cool project. Amazing to see a Kaby lake 8th gen in there. It’s not for me, especially as I already have a T480 and T480s, both with 8650u i7. Good luck with sale though! This will make someone into retros very happy.

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Original Poster7 months ago

Haha thank you!

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